Missing Teeth Or Loose Dentures?


The revolutionary benefits of mini dental implants may be the solution you are looking for.

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Frank Aiello, DDS

Your Mini Dental Implant Dentist

Our focus is on providing you with the revolutionary benefits of mini dental implant dentistry. This unique approach to modern dentistry offers new opportunities for individuals who have lost one or more teeth. Even for those who have lost all of their teeth, mini implants offer a second chance at teeth that look, feel, and function more like the teeth they were born with!

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Half The Size

Mini dental implants are about half the size of traditional implants, and therefore don’t require extensive, painful surgery.

Quicker Healing Time

A less invasive procedure that results in faster healing time, virtually no discomfort, and way less visits to the dental office.

Immediate Results

Without the lengthy healing time of traditional implants, mini dental implants allow you to get your new teeth same-day.

Less Expensive

Mini dental implants are often less expensive than traditional implants providing a cost-effective way to improve your smile.

No More Decay

Mini dental implants are made out of titanium and they are not subject to decay and periodontal disease.

Preserves Bone Structure

If you have missing teeth you may have lost a large portion of the bone in your jaw. Mini dental implants will halt bone loss.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?


Mini Dental Implants are the newest breed in implant dentistry. Dr. Aiello uses the Mini Dental Implants to help hold loose dentures in position or to replace individual and multiple missing teeth. They can even be used to replace a full arch of teeth often in just one short visit.

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Treatment Plan

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Simple Procedure

You’ll save time & money getting your smile back with mini implants.

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    Teaching Other Dentists

    As a founding mentor of Mini Implant Mentors, Dr. Frank Aiello takes immense pride in his mission to educate and inspire dentists nationwide. Through his engaging lectures, he aims to assist the dental community in discovering the power of implant dentistry. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Aiello is dedicated to helping dentists unlock their true potential, leading to healthier smiles and enhanced patient care.

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